About Rome

Founded on the seven Hills, Rome is a city where its history can be seen everywhere, along with everything that modern times have to offer. We selected for you - in this tour - the most beautiful places of this highly photogenic city, from St.Peter's Square to the Trevi Fountain; from the Roman Forum to the Colosseum; from Piazza di Spagna to the Quirinale Square, from the Pantheon to the S.Angelo Bridge and so on...(and be careful: do not miss the chance to enter into the Basilicas of the Vatican and listen to Mina). But Rome isn't fascinating for its several landmarks and rich heritage only. It's the perfect destination to hit, if you're looking either for shopping or sightseeing; if you're just thinking about lazying or...living in style; get one of the many flights at cheapoair. Or if you're by yourself or on a romantic trip.
In a second, Roma will convince you that you decided to spend your time in the right place...

Try one of the Rome apartments available to rent near some of the must see attractions of the city. Enjoy the many attractions while sampling roman culture in the heart of Italian history. Be sure to secure a great holiday by renting your own apartment and not falling foul of other accommodation.

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